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aBitSpecial Custom Horse Bits

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 Custom Horse Bits offers a wide variety of english horse bits including custom made horse bits where you need different mouth styles or cheek styles or specific sizes that cannot be found elsewhere. Our site exhibits bits we have made for customers but if you cannot find what you want that does not mean you cannot have it.

We are based in the UK but we can ship your bit worldwide using tracked airmail. Or for a little more money you can have it send by DHL.  If you have any questions regarding your requirements please call us or fill in our contact form or email  You can also meet us on our


Some of Our Latest Creations

Yellow Metal Pelham Bits

We make Pelhams with many types of mouths. This mouth was made in yellow metal.

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Fulmer Bit With Spinner

We can make Fulmer bits to your requirements. This Fulmer has a solid spinner mouth and you can choose from many other types.

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D Ring Bit With Copper Rings & Link

This unusual D bit was made with a double like plus a number of copper rings wrapping the mouth.

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D Ring Bit Copper Lozenge

This D bit was made to reproduce a bit seen on a customer's photograph.  If you have borrowed bits you want us to reproduce get in touch.

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