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Emma Sargent
I finally managed to have a proper jump in the new bit 
last night - its fantastic! Fits perfectly and the
end links are spot on!
Please thank all your workshop for me -

Im really pleased!!
Best Wishes
Emma Sargent  (UK)

Wearing your bits and winning in the pairs at BSPA champs.  
Me on Costello and Avril bartomely on bennetton. Thanks !
Anna Robinson  (UK)

Anna sent us this photo telling us about her win !

She had previously contacted us with a problem below.  We were pleased to help

"Hi am in desperate need of a bradoon 
and weymouth show set for a cob.
Have pics of the ones he uses currently
at Katie Jerrams yard and eed to have
them made for when he comes home.
The bradoon is a cheesgrater type and
the eymough has quite long shanks
and a full paddle in the middle of the
mouth piece to stop him getting tongue
over the bit. Can you contact me so I
can email the photost to you and we
can discuss from there. Anna."

A year ago I ordered my first bit from aBitSpecial.com, a made to measure pelham for my Heavyweight Cob that I needed in time for Horse of the Year Show. I found the team at aBitSpecial.com extremely helpful, even sending me a diagram to make sure my measurements matched theirs so that I got exactly what was required. I was really pleased with the bit and the fast turn-around. 

This year, after trying several combinations for my young Maxi Cob, I found he actually went best in the pelham purchased from aBitSpecial.com last year. With one bit between two cobs and less than a week until they were due to compete, I made a frantic call to aBitSpecial.com. Within seconds they had found my original order and were finding out whether the workshop could achieve my tight deadline.

Just 4 days later I received my new bit and was able to take both cobs out! To my delight, both cobs won their classes and my Heavyweight won the Cob Championship. Thank you so much to aBitSpecial.com for your dedicated service and enabling this to happen. Such a memorable day for us!

     Liana Young (UK)


I received the Pelhams and the Pelham Gag 2-3 days 
back and tried them today. I am really happy and want to
thank and congratulate you for the quality.

Your curb chains are also of premium quality and design!
Sachin Sarbalia  (Delhi, India)


Ukkie is really pleased now he has the right sized bit:-)

He is a very happy horse full of mischief!!

      Takako Fujino, Ikoma, Nara, Japan

Thank you aBitSpecial.com for making my unusual bit! It has worked a treat on my Purebred Arab, who is very strong and likes to go very deep, nearly pulling my arms out of their sockets!

Discovering the roller style mouth piece has saved my arms and is now making my horse work in a more elevated and controlled way. I originally found a plain loose ring cherry roller snaffle but due to our showing I was unable to use this in the show ring. I really struggled to find a Pelham bit with the same roller mouth piece, but you had one and I was able to get it custom fitted with the short shanks preferable on ridden Arabs. We are about to start the Showing season again, so I am hoping it will bring us some red rosettes!

     Laura Fairbairn, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

I drive Dartmoor ponies in Combined Driving Events. I have 3 ponies each with their own special needs and issues in each of the three phases of the events. Complicating all of this is their physical characteristics - wide shallow mouths and small heads (they are 12.1H tall).

Most bits that are wide enough are too bulky to look right and too thick for their mouths. Smaller bits pinch. I came to A Bit Special with a request for a Happy Mouth Mullen mouthpiece attached to a 2 slot fixed cheek pony sized liverpool bit. 2 weeks later I had it and it was perfect.

Then I asked for the mouthpiece from a Dr. Bristol bit except with the link twisted (a French link lozenge is too bulky) 90 degrees and attached once again to a fixed cheek liverpool in pony size. Once again they came through.

I am in the process of ordering 4 more and expect that by the end of this year every Dartmoor driver in the US will have this bit. The service is fabulous, the products are perfection and the prices are reasonable. What more could one ask?

     Dan Rosenthal and Skip, Kris and Iggy who love their A Bit Special bits (USA)

Would just like to say thank you for your very quick response and delivery to my request for the Pelham. I had no idea what I was looking was called a Segundo!

I had this on my horse yesterday and it looked very professional and was a great fit. I will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues.

Christina Ashton, Liverpool, UK

Received my small packet last week very happy the bit fits very good in mouth good work my friends are jealous see you again,

Caroline & Aloys

Caroline Lacroix, PETERSBACH, Bas-Rhin, France

Everything went really smoothly with my order. The bit is of outstanding quality and fits perfectly. Thank you so much for all your help and kindness

Daragh O'Connell, Connecticut, USA.

The bit arrived yesterday. Thanks for all your assistance and fast delivery

Lynda Rivington, Ontario, Canada.

Thanks for your quick and efficient service. The bit is just right.

Kate Flatley, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

I would just like to thank you so much for your prompt service. I have just received the new Tom Thumb Pelham. I am very impressed at your service and will be recommending you to our friends. I am aware that as you custom make these bits you made a special effort to process this quicker for me. I look forward to see him working in it later.

Margaret Morton, Renfrewshire, UK

We tried out the new bit yesterday at a show. Fantastic result. Out of 4 rounds we had 3 clears and one with 4 faults which the rider admitted was his mistake.

Thanks again for all your help and have a prosperous new year

Nigel Hunt, Blackburn, UK

All of these testimonials we unsolicited and freely given. We asked each of these customers if we could use the testimonial on our website and received permission in each case.